Monthly At-Tahreek: At a glance-

Monthly AT-TAHREEK, which is running from Rajshahi is an extra-ordinary Islamic Research Journal of Bangladesh is directed to Salafi Path, based on pure Tawheed and Saheeh Sunnah. Which is enriched with valuable writings of renowned columnists and writers of home and abroad, aming to establishing a pure Islamic society in Bangladesh. Some regular columns of this Journal are : 1. Dars-i-Quran 2. Dars-i-Hadees 3. Research Articles 4. Lives of Sahaba & Pioneers of Islam 5. Economics 6. Wonder of Seience 7. Health & Medicine 8. News: Home & Abroad & Muslim world 9. Pages for Women 10. Children 11. Poetry 12. Fatawa and 13. Valuable Editorial etc.

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